Disposable Coat, white

Disposable Gloves and Overalls

Disposable Gloves Nitrile Basic

Spirette®, blue, handle with cap

ClearGlide® with handle and cap, with sealing flange

Foamtip Safelock® catheter, blue, 25/bag, 500/cardboard box

SoftGilt catheter, blue, 25/bag and 500/box

SafeBlue Spirette®, 100/dispenser box

SafeBlue ClearGlide®, 100/bag

SafeBlue Foamtip®, blue, 100/dispenser box

SafeBlue Foamtip®, blue, with flexible tube extension 33 cm

Extension for catheter, flexible, 1/bag

PC Blue, SafeBlue Foamtip® with PC Cannula, 25/bag

PC Clear, SafeBlue ClearGlide with PC Cannula, 25/bag

PC Cannula for postcervical AI of sows, 5/bag

Breeding clamp, made of stainless steel, wide version for sows

EasyClamp breeding aid, made of plastic

Klima Kit, temperature controller for refrigerators, 230 V