Disposable Coat, white

Disposable Gloves and Overalls

Disposable Gloves Nitrile Basic

Feeding Bucket with Screw Valve

Feeding Bucket with Hygienic Valve ... the one with the lid

Mounting Bracket for Feeding Bucket

Bottles Calf Teat

Teat Leimer

Floating Teat

Teat Caoutchouc

Milk Bottles


Feed Trough Long for hooking in


Agrolyt® Powder Electrolyte and buffer concentrate for calves, pigs, lambs and foals

Agrobac®-K Powder Bowel regulatory powder for calves with diarrhoea, with natural detoxification function

Udder Paper UdderoClean

Udder Cloth UdderoClean ECO• 40 cloths per bag • reusable cloth for cleaning udders and reducing bacteria levels • machine washable and can be boiled to 95 °C

Udder Towels wet

Udder Care Product KerbaMint 35

TailWell2® Power Tail Trimmer The logical further development of the successful model from New Zealand!

KALBI-LYT Stops diarrhoea fast and effectively

RINDAMIN 71 Universal mineral and active substance mixture

RINDAVIT TMR U შარდოვანა რომელიც გაჯერებულია მაღალხარისხიანი ვიტამინებით და მინერალებით_en

RINDAVIT VK The product for dry cows you can rely on!