Milk Heater FastHeat

Product code:14150

  • with tried and tested temperature regulation making it easy to operate with the usual comfort
  • visual signal output, e.g. when the set target temperature is reached
  • with practical handle
  • overall height of the device: 81.5 cm
  • extremely lightweight - only 2.7 kg (around 25 % lighter than standard products)
  • easy to clean thanks to PTFE-coated heater element
  • 3 m connecting cable

FastHeat and FastHeat Digital

The calf milk heaters of the latest generation...

The calf milk heaters of the FastHeat range combine functional design with clear time and energy savings.

Energy saving

At just 1700 watts, FastHeat calf milk heaters excel with considerably lower energy consumption compared to conventional products. Through its patented product design and the reduced height of the cast aluminium radiator, it is possible to heat up quite low fill levels without any unnecessary energy loss.

Quick and even heating

FastHeat milk warmers make use of the milk’s (or other medium’s) heat convection in a pretty smart way: the heated milk rises up to the surface while still colder milk drops to the bottom of the bucket where it is heated again. Since the heating element is located at the bottom where the milk is coldest, the heating energy fully effects the heat transmission to the milk. This allows for an efficient and even heating of the milk.

From 18 °C to 42 °C in around 11 minutes (bucket holding 8 litres of water).

Very easy to clean thanks to its patented shape and PTFE coating!


Technical data

voltage: 230 V

output: 1700 W

Protection class: IPX7

weight: 2.7 kg

max. heater element diameter: 165 mm

min. dip depth: 80 mm

max. dip depth: 690 mm

max. temperature: 90 °C

Price : 0 GEL

Milk Heater with PTFE-coating and bow Handle

Disposable Coat, white

Disposable Gloves and Overalls